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Placenta Encapsulation, Tinctures, Salves and Prints

Potential benefits of ingesting placenta:

*Increased milk supply

*Balances postpartum hormones

*May help prevent "baby blues" & other common postpartum mood disorders

*Increased postnatal iron levels 

*Placenta contains many bio available hormones & nutrients

*May lessen postnatal bleeding

*May help the uterus shrink back to pre pregnancy size quicker 

*Increases energy

*Combats fatigue

*Decreased after birth pains

*Decreased risk of anemia, thyroid dysfunction, & after birth infection/inflammation

*Increased sense of well being throughout the 4th trimester

ENCAPSULATION-Placenta capsules can be prepared using one of two different methods, either steamed or unsteamed (natural or "raw") method. Both methods are dehydrated at 160 degrees. The Steamed method is based on the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) method. If you choose this method the placenta will be steamed at 135 degrees for 30 minutes and dehydrated at 160 degrees for 24 hours. The placenta can be steamed with or without your choice of herbs in the steaming water. This method will kill any potential bacteria from the birth or hospital, but may lower the amount of hormones, vitamins, and minerals retained in the placenta and will yield fewer pills.  The natural or "raw" method the placenta is dehydrated at 160 degrees for 24 hours, but it is not pre-steamed.  It is thought that the placenta retains more of the beneficial hormones,vitamins and minerals using this method and it will yield more pills. The natural preparation is not recommended if you are GBS positive at the time of the birth. If GBS positive steamed is a safer choice.

BROTH- Only available with the steamed method the broth from the steaming of the placenta contains the potentially beneficial properties of the placenta. Broth can be added to soups/stews, smoothies, used in the water to prepare grains or vegetables etc. It needs to be refrigerated and should be used within 4 days, or alternatively it can be frozen in ice cube trays and used as needed.

placenta pills encapsualted placenta

TINCTURE- Tinctures keep for many years if stored properly. This preparation can be used indefinitely for hormone balancing. The tincture can be used well after the postpartum, potentially aiding in balancing symptoms during menses and menopause. Tinctures are prepared using 100 proof alcohol and can be prepared with either raw placenta (more potent) or cooked and powdered placenta (may be a better choice if infection or meconium staining is present). Tinctures take six weeks to prepare so you have the option of having it returned with your pills package with finishing instructions, or it can be delivered/picked up separately at six weeks. My standard preparation is for 8 oz but please feel free to talk with me if you would like a larger quantity. 


SALVE- I make healing salves using beeswax, coconut oil, powdered placenta, and healing herbs. The salve can help in healing c-section sites after the wound has closed, various skin problems, and diaper rash. (Please let me know if you have any know allergies to certain herbs or oils so I can adjust the recipe accordingly)


PRINTS- No two placentas are ever quite the same, and prints are a interesting and artistic way to display the uniqueness of your baby's placenta! For natural prints the blood of the placenta is used as the ink. For color prints food safe coloring can be applied. Prints can be done on acid free watercolor paper, or on canvas. 


Natural blood placenta print on paper

Natural placenta print 

CORD KEEPSAKE- Cord keepsakes are a wonderful way to preserve and keep the umbilical cord. For keepsakes I form the cord into a decorative shape and dehydrated until it hardens. 

dried umbilical cord keepsake in a heart shape

Basic Placenta Package~ $275 un-steamed, $300 steamed (transportation included)

* I will pickup and drop off the placenta/pills

*Transportation kit & instructions

*Pill preparation of your choice (50/50 for additional charge)

*Dosage advice

*Cord keepsake

*optional photo of the placenta emailed

~Add on items~ can be added to any package!

Flavored capsules (Berry, orange, or grape)-$15

Placenta natural (blood) print on acid free paper-$15 

Placenta (color) print on acid free paper- $25

Placenta natural (blood) print on canvas-$30 

Placenta (color) print on canvas- $40

Placenta salve - $25 4oz

Placenta Tincture - $40 8oz 

50/50 pill preparation add- $25

Broth (steamed only) - $10

Twins (multiple) placentas add -$50


  • How many pills will I get?
    The number of pills you will get will vary depending on the size of your placenta and the method of preparation you choose. Steamed placentas will yield less pills, unsteamed more. The average number typically falls between 75 and 130.
  • What is the difference between the "raw" (unsteamed) and TCM based steamed methods of placenta preparation?"
    The difference between these two methods is preparation and number of times heated. Some people feel that the unsteamed method gives them more energy or stronger effects. This method also has a higher pill yield. Some prefer the steamed because the extra cooking time adds a additional layer of protection against bacteria or because they want specific herbs in the steam water. Others may be following TCM and believe warm preparations aid in healing. If you are uncertain of your preference or wish to try both I can do a 50/50 preparation for a extra charge. This way you would be able to experience the difference for yourself. Some may prefer one pill for daytime use, and the other for evening/night use. However if you are GBS positive the steamed method is a safer choice in order to be sure to get rid of any bacteria present.
  • How long will it take to get my package after you receive my placenta?
    Pills, prints, cord keepsake, and broth will typically be finished 2-4 days, depending if I have multiple placentas to prep and if the placenta was frozen or not. Most packages are ready in 2 days. Tinctures take 6 weeks, if you order a tincture it can either be delivered/picked up at a later date, or I can give it to you with your package and instructions on the finishing step to be done at 6 weeks.
  • Do you take last mintue bookings? What if we are already at the hospital or in labor?
    Yes! While I highly recommend booking in advance to ensure my availability and have the transportation kit and instructions in hand, I am happy to work with you on last minute requests too! Please note that some options or add ons may not be available for last minute bookings, and payment will be required in full before I pick up & process the placenta. I do accept several forms of electronic payment that can be done by smartphone for last minute clients. If you are already in hospital or in labor please feel free to either fill out the booking form and contract (preferred so I know all your preferences and information), call and leave a message if it is within normal business hours, or if it outside of business hours please either email or text and include your phone number so I can respond as promptly as possible.
  • But I'm a vegetarian/ vegan, can I take these pills?"
    Well that's really up to you, I use vegetarian (non gelatin) capsules, but the placenta itself is technically a organ, and therefore a meat product. However no animals were harmed or killed in the making of this organ, rather it is a life giving organ. So this decision would be based in your own personal beliefs and reason for your vegetarian/veganism. *Please note the flavored capsules do contain gelatin.
  • What areas do you offer this service to?
    The area I currently serve includes but is not limited to: the Russian River area, Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Petaluma, Monte Rio, Guerneville, Windsor, Healdsburg, Forestville, Rohnert Park, Cazadero, Occidental, Jenner, Rio Nido, Camp Meeker, Duncan Mills, and their surrounding areas. Some locations may be subject to a additional mileage charge. If you are interested in my services and do not live or plan to birth in one of the mentioned areas please feel free to contact me, We may still be able to arrange something. OR if you outside of my service area and have a friend or family member he can meet in the Santa Rosa area we may be able to arrange something.
  • What are your pick up and drop off hours?
    My pick up hours vary slightly by your location. If you are in the Sonoma area I can pick up and drop off you placenta/pills M-F : Sometimes I'm available around noon, then agin 4-8 pm, Sat+Sun 8 am -8pm. If you choose opt to instead have a friend or family member drop off/ pick up I would be available any day or time. I will provide you with safety storage instructions for keeping the placenta in case you deliver outside of the pick up windows.
  • Can I have my placenta encapsulated if I test positive for Group B Strep?
    Yes. Remember that testing positive during pregnancy does not mean you will be positive at the time of birth. Once the baby is born if there is concern that infection may be present a small piece of the placenta can be sent to pathology. The rest of the placenta should be stored safely and kept cold until result return from the lab. If there is any concern of GBS I strongly recommend the steamed method of preparation for the placenta. The placenta will be steamed at 135 degrees for 30 minutes, then dehydrated at 160 degrees for 24 hrs, meeting and exceeding food safety guidelines for killing off any pathogens.
  • How long will my preparation keep?
    Pills will keep for 1 year when stored in a cool dark place. Pills can also be kept in a freezer to maximize freshness. Tinctures keep indefinitely, but should be discarded if it forms visible mold or smells foul.
  • Can I have a print or tincture made if I do not want to order pills?
    Yes! I would be happy to do prints or raw tincture without making pills, however I do not offer pick up/delivery for that. You would be responsible for delivering the placenta to me and picking up your finished product(s).
  • What are your qualifications to prepare placentas?
    I am a fully certified and trained placenta encapsulation specialist and also carry a up to date certification in bloodborne pathogens and have my food safety certificate. I follow universal precautions when handling and preparing all placentas, and follow strict cleaning and sanitizing protocols at every step of the process.
  • Will you encapsulate my placenta if you are not my doula?
    Yes absolutely! My placenta services can be booked completely independently of my doula services, however if you also choose me as your doula I do offer a discount on my encapsulation packages, plus if I attend your birth I will take care of the handling of the placenta from the time of delivery through processing.
  • What if the pills do not work for me? Has anyone reported negative feelings from placenta pills?
    If the pills do not seem to be working you may need to adjust your dosage, or you may be taking them on a day that your body simply does not need hormonal balancing. While negative feelings are fairly rare, the most common is a anxious feeling. Others may experience some dizziness or nausea. Here again it may be a simple dosage adjustment needed. I am happy to offer guidance on your dosage.
  • What if the pills/tincture/salve doesn't work for me?
    If the pills do not seem to be working you may need to adjust your dosage, or you may be taking them on a day that your body simply does not need hormonal balancing. While negative feelings are fairly rare, the most common is a anxious feeling. Others may experience some dizziness or nausea. Here again it may be a simple dosage adjustment needed. I am happy to offer guidance on your dosage.
  • What if a nurse or doctor says I can not take my placenta home?
    You may want to check hospital policy ahead of delivery. If there is concern of infection or some other issue with the placenta you can ask them to simply cut off a small piece of the placenta to send to pathology for testing. The rest of the placenta should be safely stored and kept cold while waiting for results. I do not encapsulate placentas that have been sent to pathology because I don't not know how they have been handled and what they may have been exposed to, so please tell your nurse/doctor you only want a small piece sent. If you find out that infection is present it is not recommended that you ingest the placenta. You can however still take your placenta home with you and you can apply your $50 deposit to having prints and a cord keepsake made. I can then return your placenta to you for planting or disposing of as you choose.
  • What is your retainer, refund, and payment policy?"
    A $50 non refundable retainer is required at the time of booking. This will hold your space on my calendar. The remaining balance is due by the time I pick up or receive your placenta. I will not begin processing the placenta until full payment has been received. However I highly recommend completing payment before delivery day avoiding have to remember and deal with this during your special day. If for any reason you decided not to have your placenta encapsulated any payment made (except the retainer) is fully refundable, however once I begin to process the placenta you are no longer eligible for a refund. If you choose not to encapsulate after booking with me it is your responsibility to contact me to inform me of your cancellation and arrange for a refund.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    I accept cash, Google pay, Venmo, Paypal, and personal check (if paying by check please complete payment by 37 weeks of pregnancy).
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Ready to book your placenta services?

Booking is easy! If you are ready to book my services please fill out the form below. After I receive your request I will get back to you within 24 hours to confirm that I am available for the time frame of your expected delivery and with further payment instructions for your chosen payment methods. Once you pay the downpayment and sign my contract your done! 


**If you are already in labor & looking for last minute placenta services please go ahead and either fill out the booking form (*prefered so I know all your preferences & info), call if it is between 10 am-7pm, or send a text or email at any hour. Last minute services are subject to availability and advanced booking is highly recommended. See FAQ for more info.

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