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Jenna Snaer, CD, CPpD, PES

Certifications & qualifications;

*Cornerstone certified labor/birth doula 

*Cornerstone certified postpartum doula 

*Certified placenta encapsulation specialist

*Serve Safe food handler certified

*Bloodborne pathogens for doulas & placenta encapsulators certification 

*Volunteer doula with San Francisco Homeless Prenatal Program

*Volunteer doula with St. Luke's hospital

* Bay Area Doula Project full spectrum doula trained

  Greetings & welcome! My name is Jenna, and I am the hands and heart of Blissful Birth Doula Services. To introduce myself I would like to begin with the lifelong path that has brought me to birth work. The story begins nearly as far back as my own birth. When I was very young my parents where Bradley Method childbirth instructors. I have fond memories of sitting quietly at the back of many of their classes, watching the videos, paging through the books, and listening to the pregnant families share their questions and experiences. At this time and in the region I lived in doula was a virtually unheard of entity, so my parents would sometimes end up serving in a similar capacity to some of their students, and I accompanied them to many of the births they attended. Already fascinated by the birthing process I assisted in my first birth around the age of 3 (albeit simply holding the flashlight for the midwife!) and when I was 4 I had the amazing experience of watching my own sisters birth in our home. If you dig deep enough into the archives you can also find news footage of me, my dad and my mom with my infant sister in a carrier picketing in downtown Chicago to allow for free standing birth centers in Illinois.


   I attended the last birth of my childhood at the age of 13, I spent the next several years exploring new paths and interests in my life. It wasn’t until I approached my own pregnancy and the birth of my son that old interests were rekindled and in self educating and furthering my previous knowledge pregnancy and birth went from interest to passion. I had a wonderful doula in attendance at my sons birth, and my experience therein felt so congruent with my whole being and I knew just where my energy belonged, like everything in my life had led me here. By the time my son was a year old I found myself daydreaming my way through birth scenarios and broadening my knowledge of birth support techniques. The following year I enrolled with Cornerstone Doula training and certification in San Francisco where I completed my labor doula and postpartum doula certification, as well as receiving training in breastfeeding/chest-feeding support, home birth, and placenta encapsulation. In the summer of 2018 I moved to Monte Rio in the Russian River area, increasing my service area to include Sonoma down to San Francisco.

   I am passionate in my belief that everyone can benefit from the presence of a doula throughout the perinatal period, and that anyone who desires the support of a doula should have access. In dedication to this belief I volunteer with SF Homeless Prenatal Program and St. Luke's hospital, as well as offering a limited number of reduced rate services. I am eternally grateful to all of my full rate clients, without whom I would not be able to do volunteer & low cost work.

   Over the coming year I hope to further my repertoire and am enthusiastically awaiting completing my Rebozo and optimal fetal positioning certifications.

    I proudly support all family structures, members of the LGBTQ community, single mothers, teen mothers, and pregnant/postpartum folks with partners away on military deployment.

   It would be my honor to be your doula, to be a part of your birthing time, and to help you to create your positive birthing narrative. 

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